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What Kind Of Music Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Taurus hits the keys, Capricorn floats away to the rhythms of techno, and Cancer quietly hums something drawn out. We listened to the stars to answer the question, what kind of music are you?


Clever-clever-clever! Radio Capricorn broadcasts electronics around the clock. A clear rhythm drives the representatives of this sign, for whom the whole world is a nightclub, and the people in it are dancers in laser smoke. You can sleep in your next rebirth.


What are these mysterious sounds? This is shamanic throat singing. Aquarius publishes it within himself to hypnotize everyone around him and achieve his goal without visible effort. What does he need to achieve? It’s clear why – so that they don’t interfere with practicing throat singing.


Pisces wants to sit decorously in the Philharmonic and slam into an electric frenzy, preferably at the same time. There is an answer to such a collision – music in the symphonic rock genre. Just right for intelligent rebels who will adjust their glasses, smile disarmingly, and start breaking guitars. And then they’ll clean up after themselves.


Out of spite, across the board, but how fun it is! Aries is the real punk rock. It doesn’t matter that there are only three chords, and no one knows how to play them or is going to, but try to resist this energy. And now the decent person who has fallen under the influence has a ring on his nose and a mohawk on his head. Well, it was inspired by music.


Loud, and intricate, you need to rehearse every day, but the effect is appropriate. Once you hear Baroque music – all these harpsichords, flutes, violins – you won’t confuse it with anything else. Ignorant people claim that the same thing can be played to a soundtrack, and not spend money on an organ with five hundred pipes, only Taurus knows for sure that things are not done that way.

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Don’t feed this zodiac sign bread, let him communicate, so the stars instructed Gemini to portray an original song. The one about how great it is that we have all gathered here today – but by the time it comes to that, they will sing about a checker with a Cossack, and a grape seed, and the forest sun. And the main thing is that a friend does not suddenly appear!


Who said traditions are boring? This callous person is not a Cancer. For those in their inner universe, folk music plays in all its soulful splendor. An excellent accompaniment for family, household, and work rituals, but in general there are also dances, and such that the whole house is shaking.


The same melody that (sometimes against their will) is sung by everyone, young and old, because it sounds from every iron, taxi, and earphone. Someone will say – this is pop music! And the stars will correct it: it is not pop music, but mass musical art that unites people. You still can’t get it out of your head, so you’ll have to accept it and order karaoke.


Rap can be truly lyrical, and Virgo is a prime example of this. If you concentrate and make out the plot behind the intricate pattern, you will just burst into tears from the surging feelings: what subtle matters can be reflected by such a simple beat?


The sound of a waltz performed by a brass band is harmonious, solemn, and just a little bit swanky. This is exactly the vibe that Libra conveys, as they know how to do truly important things and present them accordingly (flags and banners are attached to the music). The ringing of plates at key moments of the action – no one will miss the moment of submitting the report!


Either she will howl like an animal, or she will cry like a child – yes, this is gothic metal! In gloomy darkness, beautiful motifs bloom. Yes, not everyone may be able to listen for such a long time, but if they listen properly, then they will want to look everywhere for the dark and bewitching melody of Scorpio and pay dues to his fan club.


Yes, baby, it’s la vida loca and the Latin melodies and rhythms embodied in Sagittarius. Who knows for sure: any problem can be solved with a good shake. And if it doesn’t help, here’s the recipe, write it down: turn on the song louder, and just get everything out of your head.

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