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What Movie Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Has it ever happened to you that while watching a movie you drew parallels between one of the characters and you? You felt some similarity of characters or would like to be like someone. If not, then after watching these films, the characters of which perfectly played different signs of the Zodiac, you will have this feeling!

What kind of movie character are you based on your zodiac sign?

1. Aries man

Aries is a hero who proves to everyone, and most of all to himself, that he can be more than just a person. He can make other people respect himself, and for this, he is ready to take any, even the most dangerous measures. This zodiac sign was perfectly embodied by the actor Al Pacino in the movie “Scarface”. His hero is the ambitious criminal Tony Montana.

Being a simple Cuban immigrant, he managed to make a dizzying career in America in the drug trade. He walked over the heads, but that was his nature. This does not mean that all Aries men do the same. This only says that if the Aries man wants something, he will certainly try to get it by any means available to him. Therefore, being fighters by nature, pronounced Aries men always get what they want.

Aries woman

Aries girls are very sweet people. They are ready to forgive those around them for all their shortcomings if these very people around them do not impose themselves after Aries says “Stop”. Otherwise, let them blame themselves. And for those who dared to betray Aries, the Black Mamba from the movie “Kill Bill” will still seem like a merciful angel. Aries will gladly trample on the one who dared to take away the most valuable from them.

2. Taurus man

He is conservative, very cherishes what he has, is rather passive, and is devoid of aggressiveness as long as he is not touched. But if you tease him, he will explode. And it is almost impossible to defeat this calm-looking man in a fight. Michael Douglas in the film “I’ve had enough” very clearly played a typical Taurus man. His hero proved to everyone that it is better not to encroach on his life, habits, and plans.

Taurus Woman

The Taurus girl sometimes likes to make reasonable compromises. Like Larita from the movie Easy Virtue. She is the perfect girl. And she honestly tries to enter the family of her beloved and accept their rules. But until they start trying to bend it under themselves. Like the true Taurus, she endures a little, and then leaves, leaving ashes behind her.

3. Gemini Man

Communication for him is the meaning of life. From loneliness, he can “fade out.” The representative of this sign is a good manipulator with a cunning mind and does not see obstacles in front of him. The typical Gemini is Danny Ocean, fresh out of prison, from Ocean’s 11. Even with a clear order, he is in a hurry, distracted, and abruptly changes the plan of action. In general, watch and find out for yourself.

Gemini woman

The Life of a Gemini Girl is a Woody Allen film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Vicki is a serious girl, Christina is a sensual rebel, and handsome Antonio manages to fall in love with both of themThe love triangle is very boring, so Antonio’s ex-wife is wedged into it. And everyone loves and hates each other. Moreover, Gemini is each of the girls.

Today she wants to get married, tomorrow she wants to leave for Tibet, the day after tomorrow she wants to get married again. She combines several personalities and feels very comfortable with this alignment of things.

4. Cancer man

At home, they are soft and open, but in the external environment – the absolute opposite. The man of this sign always keeps in mind all the details, albeit not very important ones. A good example of such a personality is the Swedish industrialist Henrik Vanger, one of the characters in the sensational thriller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He is trying to unravel a case from forty years ago and hires a journalist.

The main storyline of the film takes place through an endless digging through the family chronicles and old photo albums of the Wagner family, all as typical Cancers love.

Cancer Woman

The life story of Cancer resembles the plot of the movie “Overboard”. Don’t feed them bread – let them have a huge family. The larger the family, the happier the Cancer.

5. Leo Man

There is always something in his appearance that betrays his “royal nature”, even if Leo is not very well dressed and not rich. This is a bright personality who loves this world and uncontrollably strives for the goal. An excellent example of this type is D’Artagnan, played by Mikhail Boyarsky in the film D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers. He is a real Leo: brave, responsible, and self-confident.

Leo woman

“I like it when men think I’m smarter than them. Because it’s usually true.” So said Samantha, the heroine of Sksa in the City. This phrase contains the whole essence of the Leo girl. They are unique, they are perfect, and they have no equal – the Lions think without a shadow of embarrassment. And just try to challenge it!

6. Virgo man

The representative of this sign is not too emotional. He tries to create an image of a passionless human robot at work and in life, keeping all emotions to himself. A similar type was quite faithfully portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film The Aviator. His hero is hardworking, demanding of himself and others, and punctual. Typical Virgo man!

Virgo woman

A typical Virgo is Eliza in The Tourist. She is the perfect incarnation of a lady. The characters wear masks and take them off only at the end. But long before the finale, we understand that Eliza has all the moves written down, like a true Virgo.

7. Libra man

Libra men are diplomatic and indecisive. Internal experiences and hesitation disappear only when he represents what he wants. Such is the character of Keanu Reeves in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”. He is smart and resourceful, it is impossible to influence himTherefore, the devil prefers to influence him not directly and openly, but secretly, allowing the young lawyer to “independently” choose his fate.

Libra Woman

Libra girls are very indecisive people. When a career is on one side of the scale and a family is on the other, the choice is unbearably difficult. And the unbearable Libra can not stand and fall into melancholy. Like Andrea from The Devil Wears Prada.

8. Scorpio man

A Scorpio man can have a very ordinary appearance, but not his inner world. Such people are distinguished by a very strong will and, at the same time, high sensitivity. Many Scorpios like to experiment on themselves, striving to push the boundaries of the impossible. Very true to the essence of Scorpio showed the hero of Edward Norton in the movie “Fight Club”.

He is an unremarkable office worker who begins a process of introspection that eventually leads him to get to know his inner self. After that, his life changes dramatically, and he creates a society of rebels called “Fight Club”. Rebellion against the existing system and imposed rules are one of the hallmarks of all Scorpios.

Scorpio woman

The scandalous erotic thriller “Basic Instinct” is about Scorpio. No one has figured out who she is – the enigmatic writer Katherine Tramell. No need to ask them unnecessary questions, no need to try to solve their riddle, you need to enjoy the fact that you have been condescended to at all. And then Scorpio will become honey. Because he no longer has the strength to endure!

9. Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man always acts within certain rules and laws. But at the same time, these are fighters who can fight for their ideas to the last drop of blood. It is about such heroes that the epic saga “Kingdom of Heaven” tells. The protagonist, played by Orlando Bloom, seeks to save the lives of the inhabitants of the city, holding back the onslaught of the enemy with the last of his strength. It should be noted that Streltsov is distinguished by the desire to comply with the rules, even when it comes to fighting the worst enemy.

Sagittarius woman

Which movie character are you? We find the ideal image of the Sagittarius girl in Luc Besson’s historical drama The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc. Such women, like the main character, instinctively try to do good to all those around them and help them for the sake of some higher principles. Moreover, they cannot explain to others the essence of these principles. Such is the essence of the Sagittarius woman, in which there is always a lot of energy and enthusiasm. When expressing her will, she can speak directly, sometimes tactlessly.

As a partner, the Sagittarius woman tries to choose a man who can teach her something, or who has spiritual or social authority. At the same time, they cannot belong to only one man. Such ladies can simultaneously meet with several men at once since they do not feel a sense of possessiveness.

10. Capricorn man

Capricorns are very good at leading people. The fact is that Capricorns are rather purposeful individuals who know how to plan events many moves ahead. This character is well reflected in the image of James Bond. He is a strong-willed person.

You never know what he will do and when. Among the representatives of the Capricorn sign, there are a lot of military personnel or heads of various departments and divisions in large companies. It is also very important for Capricorns to have spiritual roots or basic family values. With a strong rear behind them, they are capable of great things.

Capricorn woman

These girls always set themselves serious goals and do their best to achieve what they want. They are ready to do anything for their family. Moreover, with an internal need for love and tenderness, characteristic of all women, Capricorns prefer to keep their emotions to themselves and silently endure all the hardships of fate.

The heroine Erin Brockovich does the same in the film of the same name, she is a beautiful and determined woman who is ready to go ahead for her goal. She can be admired. And maybe something did not work out in her personal life, she does not give up and lives her life.

When choosing a partner, such a woman will look for a man who will be stronger than her, and with whom she can fully open up as a woman. Capricorns tend to internal torment and suffering about the object of love and self-torment.

11. Aquarius man

They are creative and eccentric people. They constantly feel some kind of limitations and try to throw them off themselves. It is impossible to drive them into the framework, to force them to do something against their will. A similar image of a man forced to fight the pressure of the secret services was created in the scandalous film about Vladimir Vysotsky “Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive”.

In the film, he is shown as a sick, drug addict, but not a broken person. Even though he goes against the KGB and even under the irrefutable pressure of the facts and evidence collected against him, he does not give up either himself or his loved ones and stubbornly bends his line. This is inherent in the character of all Aquarius, who always remain undefeated in spirit, even if outwardly it is not so. Vladimir Vysotsky himself, by the way, was also born under the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius woman

For representatives of this sign, it is important to understand yourself and your place in this world. It is also important for them that her chosen one organically fit into the circle of her close people since friends mean a lot to this girl.

The heroine of the film “The Irony of Love, or Enjoy Your Bath!” Nadezhda Vasilievna Sheveleva has all the qualities inherent in women of the Aquarius sign. And you can be sure that only a typical Aquarius woman could have such a crazy New Year’s story. The fact is that such ladies, like a magnet, attract various strange men, who are sharply different from the people of their environment, from the general standard.

Aquarians are not deprived of a sense of pity and compassion. It is out of feelings of pity that Nadia first agrees to help Zhenya, who is lost in Leningrad and lends him money for a return ticket. This is where it all starts…

12. Pisces man

Pisces believe that everything that you bring into this world is then returned to you. Therefore, helping someone for them is the same as helping yourself. In situations where you need to make a quick choice, they are often indecisive. But when the choice is made, they are capable of real feats. However, in stories about these exploits, they may exaggerate their achievements.

One of the best films that convey the character of the Pisces man is the film Big Fish. The hero of the picture lives with stories and tales about his adventures and achievements, which are fiction. In the same way as the representative of Pisces, he believes that a life full of miracles and fantasies, albeit partly fictional, is much better than a gray and boring life in his shell.

Pisces Woman

Which movie character are you? Pisces are very deep natures with a huge and interesting inner world. At the same time, they can see and discern in other people what is not visible on the surface. The charming heroine of the French film “Amelie” has such a gift.

She is a loner, even though there are a lot of people around her. But one day, seeing that her inventions can bring joy to other people, she begins to consciously interfere in people’s lives, while making them a little happier.

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