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Which Zodiac Signs Are Blooming Now?

Three zodiac signs are hard to stop in the week starting May 13th and are bursting with energy. Are you one of them?

Sometimes our stars are particularly good and we get a real energy boost from the universe. For three zodiac signs, this dream comes true in the week starting May 13th. Would you like to know whether your zodiac sign is also included? In the health horoscope of the week, you will find out everything you need to know.

#1 Aquarius

This week you feel like moving and exercising your body. An intensive cardio unit is best suited for this, but strength training is also not neglected this week.

This leaves you exhausted in the evening – but not in a bad way. You are happy and proud of your achievement. Your sleep also benefits from it. This allows your muscles to regenerate ideally.

#2 Capricorn

Venus and Jupiter create balance and let you radiate self-confidence. This week you are not as self-critical of yourself as you usually are. When you exercise, you don’t accelerate as much as usual, but your body thanks you for this little break.

Your oasis of calm is currently in the kitchen. You love cooking and can relax while chopping and preparing food. This results in a win-win situation: because you discover great new recipes that provide you with all the nutrients and taste good too.

#3 Gemini

Your spring mood almost sends you into ecstasy and you feel calmer and happier than ever. This makes your training particularly easy and you can break your records this week.

You no longer need a lot of meditation and yoga because you are already in harmony with yourself. If you now focus on the right diet, you can get the most out of yourself and ensure an all-round feeling of well-being.

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