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Who Is The Main Enemy Of Your Zodiac Sign?

Who is the main enemy of your zodiac sign? Each zodiac sign has its enemy in the face of another zodiac sign. It would be nice to know in advance with whom you may have a bad relationship from the very beginning.

Who is the main enemy of your zodiac sign:


The main enemy of Aries among other representatives of the zodiacal circle is Scorpio. Its energy will simply suppress your strong character. The insidious representatives of the water element are famous for being able to turn purposeful individuals into those who simply go with the flow.


Sagittarius can easily knock you off the intended path, captivating you with what is interesting to him. The result of long communication will be a waste of time for entertainment and fuss. Taking off from the ground, you lose the ground under your feet, and this is very dangerous for you.


Astrologers advise you to stay away from Capricorns. They will seek to drive you into a certain framework, depriving you of freedom and space for inspiration. In such a relationship, you will turn from the soul of the company into a depressed twitchy person.


Aquarius will never give you a sense of peace and comfort. On the contrary, he will bring chaos into your life and make you pretty nervous with his extravagant antics. After talking with him, you generally don’t want to get to know anyone for a long time.


Pisces is the complete opposite of Lviv. Sooner or later, the water will put out the fire, leaving only the outer shell. Gradually, charisma will begin to appear less and less, and you will only have to be content with the memories of how you once shone in society.


It is dangerous for you to get close to Aries, who at first will seem very interesting to you. The frantic pace of life of a fire sign will quickly tire you out but don’t expect it to imbue your desire to relax. With his inherent selfishness, Aries will ignore other people’s needs.


Libra and Taurus are under the auspices of Venus, but the earth sign has a detrimental effect on representatives of the air element. The reason for this is rudeness and the desire to impose one’s opinion. Taurus pragmatism will “kill” your enthusiasm and creativity.


Gemini is the only zodiac sign that you can’t manipulate. On the contrary, there is a high probability of falling into his network, because, in terms of intrigues, he will seriously compete with you. By dealing with such a person, you will lose more than you gain.


Fear calm Cancers. This is exactly the case when there are devils in a still pool. You will not even notice how you begin to listen to them, abandoning grandiose plans in favor of stability. If you do not want to regret missed opportunities, communicate less with this water sign.


In Vedic astrology, the Sun is the enemy of Saturn. This is demonstrated by the pair of Leo and Capricorn. At first, you will be fascinated by the representative of the fire element, but then you will regret that you once met him. It will turn your inner world upside down and leave it in a state of disarray.


Individuality is important to you, which you can easily lose with the light hand of the Virgin. This earthly sign is prone to criticism, so it smashes other people’s plans and desires to smithereens. For him, your ideas will be too creative, and he will try his best to convince you to implement them.


You are used to charming others, but you will become a victim of the external charm of Libra. Their outward openness will be deceptive. In an attempt to win the attention of an impregnable representative of the air element, you will have to experience emotional experiences more than once.

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