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Why Men Cheat – According To The Sign Of The Zodiac

Why do men cheat – according to the sign of the zodiac. Geminis cheat intellectually, fiery Aries need emotions, and Scorpios love intrigue…

Why do men cheat – according to the sign of the zodiac:


Men born under the sign of Aries have a very inflated ego. They need attention, and therefore it is quite easy to undermine their self-confidence. Many Aries only flirt to prove their attractiveness. Although this is a sign of the element of Fire, often representatives of this constellation try to escape from forbidden relationships. And they resort to treason only if their partner does not remain faithful to them, which also speaks of their great vanity.


Taurus are known for their absolute loyalty to their partner. But they can easily cheat on him if they have suspicions of his infidelity. Taurus will cheat on a loved one if he lacks love, physical intimacy, or attention. Cheating only complements the feeling of loneliness that this gentle and loving sign of the Zodiac feels so keenly. Therefore, constantly work on your relationship with Taurus, do not neglect him, and then he will be faithful to you.


In the case of Gemini, the motivator of betrayal is not p0x0t, but the need for intellectual stimulation. Representatives of this restless zodiac sign love the games and excitement that take place during frank conversations. If a Gemini is feeling lonely and abandoned, they will start looking for someone to fix it with. For these people, the truth that opposites attract doesn’t work. On the contrary, only and exclusively similar people and traits are attracted.


People born under the sign of Cancer are very loyal and tend to feel guilty, so their motivation to cheat is very low. The children of the Moon suffer only from the problem of self-doubt and are greatly influenced by the person who met them on the way when they felt inner emptiness and so needed a “compliment”. However, this happens very rarely, so you can be sure of the complete devotion of your Cancer partner.


The fiery Leo just needs emotional excitement. He loves to be the center of attention. Some Leos crave seks@ and believe they are the best lovers in the world, so they tend to try to seduce their partner to prove it. Leos are very sensitive to midlife crises, so they often get young lovers who are sometimes 20 years younger than them. It’s all about wanting to feel young again.


Who would have thought that Virgos are potential traitors? Virgo cheating isn’t always physical, but it’s psychological. Those born under this sign tend to feel guilty for what they have done. And the most common reason for these men to cheat is the complete disappointment caused by the realization that all their efforts go unnoticed. That’s when they begin to change, trying to find peace in meaningless affairs.


Libras love to please. Men born under the sign of Libra have strict principles – they take their relationships seriously and therefore are not among the potential cheaters. However, it is difficult for Libra to refuse someone, which carries some danger. But since Libra believes that love is eternal and predetermined from above, they are unlikely to decide on treason. The main thing is not to let your partner find himself a new eternal love while he is dating you.


When it comes to loyalty, the passionate and mysterious Scorpio has a bad reputation. Since these people are very attractive in a sexual way, they are often accused of cheating, even if it was not. Men born under this constellation belong to the category of lovers of adventure and romance. They have insatiable physical needs that they often cannot resist. On the other hand, Scorpios are extremely vengeful if they cheated on them.


Many things make Sagittarians special. Apart from the fact that they crave emotional stimulation, what they already have is never enough for them. Therefore, they are in eternal expectation of a new, passionate lover. The problem arises at the very moment when their innocent flirting turns into something more. But Sagittarians start to panic if things get serious. That is why they try to be faithful to their soul mate.


If there is no respect and love in a relationship, Capricorn develops self-doubt. The presence of different points of view among people of the same zodiac sign leads to the conclusion that some Capricorns see sex as something “dirty and exciting”, while others believe that love kills the thirst for adventure.

This is another constellation that is riddled with guilt, which makes its representatives prone to keep themselves in check in matters of “forbidden” passion.


Aquarius craves attention and the feeling that someone needs him. These people are often cheated on because their partners need romance. But Aquarius themselves, like Gemini, do not need romance and not sexual or physical contact, but a psychological connection. And it can be much worse than just sex.


Pisces’ main motivator is self-confidence. As with Leo, Pisces is extremely frustrated by their age. When they realize how short human life is, Pisces suddenly stops wanting to grow old, and they wonder: “Where is the magic?”.

Like Scorpio, this sign is attracted to everything mysterious and intriguing. Being romantics, Pisces tend to believe that hot flirting with a new acquaintance may be their destiny.

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