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3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Problems At Work In 2023: Their Projects Could Collapse

Which 3 zodiac signs are at risk of having career problems in 2023?

3 signs of the zodiac will be impacted by the movement of the planets during this new year 2023. Mercury, which began its retrograde on December 29, in the sign of Capricorn, will continue its movement until January 19. This demotion may cause them problems in their careers, and impact their finances. On April 20, the first solar eclipse of 2023 will occur. Cosmic movements will not be easy for the natives of these 3 zodiac signs

  • Cancer

Cancer is a creative and resourceful sign. His overflowing imagination allows him to think outside the box and think of original ideas. However, Cancer is also a very sensitive and versatile sign.  His frequent mood swings often get him into trouble at work. Although astrologers predict a good year 2023 for Cancer natives, they must be patient so as not to have difficult months during this year. They will be under a lot of pressure that will cause them to doubt themselves and their abilities. The movements of the planet Saturn could also cause delays in the affairs of this Water sign. The unforeseen expenses are also to be expected. He will then have to put in more effort than usual, to obtain the expected results. But during the second semester, especially with the passage of Jupiter in Taurus, Cancer will be able to bounce back to face the difficulties they may encounter at work,  and not let these obstacles impact their professional development.  


Sagittarius is a very active and dynamic fire sign. At work,  he flees routine and monotony and does not hesitate to engage in new professional experiences. The native of this sign is also freedom-loving. He likes to be in control of his decisions,  and can’t stand being told what to do.  Sagittarius is also known to be the most impatient sign of the zodiac.  This can push him to act without taking the time to think about the consequences, and without calculating the risks he could incur. During this new year, the volatile behavior of Sagittarius is likely to cause him problems at work and cause tension with colleagues. This tense climate will negatively impact the progress of its projects. Moreover, during this year,  this sign of Fire will have to redouble its efforts to achieve its objectives. This pressure will be a source of frustration for him, especially since Sagittarius will experience delays in his projects. That said, thanks to his stubbornness and his optimism, the native of this sign will have a good chance of overcoming the hazards he will experience at work,  and of catching up on his projects. A good year awaits him in perspective.

  • Pisces

Pisces is a creative sign, endowed with great sensitivity and empathy. The hypersensitivity that characterizes this Water sign makes him vulnerable to the difficulties he encounters in his daily life. At work,  things will not go as planned. Pisces will have to face problems and unforeseen events that will impact the smooth running of its projects. This Water sign will also be under a lot of pressure, because of the heavy workload they will have to manage. This will impact not only his morale but also his relationships with his colleagues. Indeed, conflicts could arise at work that could affect the professional development of Pisces. The year 2023 will, despite everything, be good for Pisces, especially in terms of love. The stars advise this Water sign to avoid hasty and impulsive decisions, and to show composure, to overcome this temporary critical situation.  Moreover, over time, the native of this sign will be able to get his head above water and put things back in order.

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