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3 Signs Of The Zodiac That Can Fool Even A Lie Detector

3 zodiac signs that can fool even a lie detector. For some people, distorting the truth is not difficult. Fictional details just fly off their tongue like a perfectly harmonious symphony.

And although we are all conscious enough to understand the degree of our sincerity, sometimes we resort to astrology in this matter.

3 zodiac signs that can fool even a lie detector:

Gemini – Narrator

The twins can’t help but embellish their stories with fictional facts. Sure, they went to an outdoor music concert in the 90s.

But this story will be much more interesting if you add a full moon here or say that the singer pointed his finger at you during the performance of a romantic song.

Want to spruce up your story? Gemini just has superb editorial skills. And since they are constantly changing from one idea to another, these small and fast birds can sing their lies with the same speed.

Deep down, the curious Gemini just wants people to find them as interesting as the world around them. But instead of getting lost in their speculation, they need to understand that it is safer to always stick to the truth.

Scorpio – protector

Since the season of Scorpios falls in late autumn, the representatives of this sign personify the mystery, strength, and proximity of the night. These are gifted individuals who are good at distinguishing lies and easily solving secrets (they probably already know the password to your phone).

And since they are hypersensitive to the behavior of deceivers (shifting eyes, accelerated speech), Scorpios avoid repeating these mistakes when they are lying.

A scorpion is like an alligator gliding through the swamps, with only its eyes peeking out from under the water. He constantly scans the environment for threats, hiding all his weaknesses underwater.

Instead of admitting to you that he left town because of a bad breakup, Scorpio will tell you that he just wanted a “change of scenery.” For a Scorpio, lying in self-defense is always justified.

Libra – harmonizer

The person you’re dating (one of your army of fans) invites you over to see his impressive record collection. And while you’re sipping a glass of wine, he suddenly puts on one of your least favorite songs.

This is the very moment when the amiable Libra begins his brilliant speech – a sweet lie that should not spoil the moment: “Great song!”.

Representatives of this sign crave harmony. And if necessary, they will pave their way to balance with the help of lies.

Fascinated by aesthetic beauty (pastel peonies and a bedroom bathed in golden light), Libra is greedy for external beauty. They lie for the sake of avoiding conflict and establishing contacts.

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