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Daily Horoscope 1st December 2023


Today, the stars do not advise Aries to take on important matters: until the evening, the situation may remain unsuitable, and their mood or physical fitness may be let down. Attention may be occupied by household affairs or contacts with family members, especially women. A new surge of energy is expected at the end of the day, and personal productivity may suddenly increase in the late evening hours or at night.


Today, the stars advise Taurus to take into account their minor disagreements with those close to them, but not to get hung up on them: ideal people do not exist, and common blood or spiritual ties are worth a lot. In the evening, you may want to take care of the house, expand your possessions, and test the strength of your authority among friends or household members. Along with energy, food or sexual appetite may flare up.


Today, the stars advise Gemini to remain picky and selective when dealing with financial affairs, making purchases, exchange transactions, and money transfers. Traces of the past require special attention, for example, the nuances of previous tax debts and balances in closed bank accounts. In the evening, the mood may suddenly change, and a craving for entertainment, romance, or adventure may appear.


Today the stars advise Cancers to take a break from matters that are important to them. It is worth refraining from unnecessary acquisitions and hasty steps. It is better to wait for an important dialogue, not to force a love affair, or to rush into a visit to an institution. When succumbing to an evening burst of creativity, it is worth remembering that the desired prize will not be given for nothing: most likely, it will require additional work or costs.


Leos should not plan important things on this day, since the energy they need will appear too late – perhaps closer to night. It is undesirable to force events, even if you are full of strength: premature initiative is unlikely to give the desired result and may be accompanied by an unpleasant side effect. It is better to postpone the start until late in the evening when you are ready for adventure and super-tasks.


Today the stars advise Virgos to extend the pause in important matters. Events are developing successfully, but not always quickly: news may be delayed, and necessary routes may remain closed. In a hurry, it is easy to make the wrong move or spend money poorly. If creative energy appears in the evening, it is better to direct it to internal affairs, for example, cleaning the house, setting up equipment, or strengthening security.


Today, the circumstances remain not very comfortable for Libra, but they have no way out: until the necessary things are completed and the accompanying emotions are not experienced, they are unlikely to be able to relax. On this day you should not start new projects and deals; it is better to postpone shopping. If you have some strength left, you can change the scenery in the evening, remembering active recreation, friends, playing with children, or an unusual hobby.


Today it is better for Scorpios to wait for news. You should not rush to take a responsible step if an important message is delayed, there is still uncertainty about the route or means of communication, and there is no confidence in feelings, finances, or the choice made. If in the evening circumstances force you to take urgent action, then with a lack of data you will have to take an adventure, challenge fate or authority figures.


The main part of this day leaves Sagittarius room for hesitation and apprehension. Many Sagittarians will be ready for action physically and technically, but not emotionally and spiritually. However, by nightfall, many Sagittarius will perk up and decide to take a brave step, which will give them a chance to overcome the barrier, raise their self-esteem, and believe in themselves. With passion and enthusiasm, they will play to the best of their ability.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns to be moderate in everything and not to force events unless necessary, for example, not to rush into agreeing. Until evening comes, it is difficult to count on the unambiguousness of other people’s decisions and actions; hostility can be felt behind the facade of sympathy. At the end of the day, it is important not to hesitate in an urgent situation, but it is better to avoid adventures and fuss without a good reason.


Aquarians will have to put up with residual hitches or routines until the evening. Some situations will have a negative emotional connotation. It is advisable not to waste energy on trifles, since the most important events are expected at the end of the day and may have implications for the future. Caution is needed when entering into a friendly partnership: it contains the beginnings of intense competition or other problems.


The main part of the day inclines Pisces to rest or emotionally intense activities and can draw attention to their personal life. To have a good time, it is important not to count on complete comfort and an unambiguous result. In the evening, an urgent, troublesome task may emerge, the completion of which will bring you closer to your career, creative, or other goal. You may have to take care of your children’s health or needs.

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