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Knowing how to conquer someone is always a challenge, a barrier that, in many moments, we believe to be insurmountable, but the truth is that there is always a way.

How many times have you asked yourself what you could do or how you should act to get that person to notice you? Sometimes coldness can be one of the best signs, and we must understand that it may just not be the right time or he just isn’t interested. But, if there is a spark of hope, simple attention to a few points can help.

It is nice to remember that, in addition to the ruling sign (the Sun), there is an entire birth chart to be analyzed, which involves ascendants and other planets, also very important in the formation of the personality of your chosen one.

The analysis done here is based only on the strongest characteristics of each sign when they appear in the first house. How do you conquer that man who can’t get out of your head? Check the list:

1. Aries

They are the ones with the most attitude of the zodiac, so they end up expecting the same from their partners. If you want to charm and attract the attention of Aries, remember to always surprise him, to accept adventures, and always show your intelligent side.

Provocation and education are two tools that also make their head, good weapons to use without moderation.

2. Taurus

They are the most earthy of the zodiac and love to enjoy worldly pleasures. Very cautious, sometimes it takes a little patience until they trust you, this is because they are afraid of getting hurt.

They like romance, an impactful dinner with good food (conquer by the stomach), and being next to a fantastic, interesting and safe person. Also, remember to make him comfortable next to you, there is no need to play games here, the lighter you are, the better.

3. Gemini

One of the most communicative signs out there, remember that these natives love to talk and be heard, this is a good start. They are open to everything and are very creative, so invite them to get out of the routine and take a different walk, they will surely love it.

In addition to listening to them, talk about yourself, about your life, your plans, show your intelligence, but always remember to go with caution, as they get scared with relationships that start too fast.

4. Cancer

Cancerians are very insecure, so don’t invest in something if you don’t want to take on a relationship later. They value family relationships and like to be close to friends, respecting this Cancerian face is very important.

But the main weapon is: to be sensitive! No games, no jealousy, be clear and to the point, but don’t do it just to feel wanted!

5. Leo

They carry a lot of light and usually light up any environment, they love a good challenge and conquering things! They love to be admired, praised, and praised (seriously, the three of them!), and they feel very comfortable when it happens naturally.

As they are very interesting, they always attract attention wherever they go; show sophistication and invest in romanticism.

6. Virgo

Somewhat methodical, they like stable relationships and clarity. Investing in a more cinematic start, going slow, can also be a good idea, as haste is the enemy of perfection, and perfection is their second name.

No game, no teasing, and no pushing be yourself, show your deepest side and connect without fear.

7. Libra

They are a little indecisive, but they like good displays of affection and feel that they are being valued. Showing your sense of justice, establishing a relationship based on ethics, and seeking to connect with the community, to help people most in need, can attract a lot of attention.

They are very seductive and like to feel wanted, so don’t be afraid to send that message out of turn.

8. Scorpio

They love to connect deeply with the person they are interested in, they want to hear their secrets, their desires, and their desires, although they are not always open.

This closed way of Scorpios is more visible at the beginning, they are a water sign, so they are very emotional, be patient, they will soon show their feelings!

9. Sagittarius

They hate jealousy and public displays of possessiveness, they like to feel loved, but they highly value freedom. This doesn’t mean that cheating is normal, when they get into a relationship, they assume responsibilities, but they like some time just for themselves.

Have your moments too, be autonomous, active, and remember that Sagittarians love a good adventure, if they could, they would travel every week of the year.

10. Capricorn

They value stable relationships and money, so it is best to have autonomy and financial independence, as this will attract attention at first.

They are very attached, they don’t like to be left in a vacuum (but who does, right?) and they love good company, especially if it’s good at listening or talking about work.

11. Aquarius

Good conversationalists, love to engage in social causes, think about the good of the community and freedom is their middle name. They have a lot of friends and are, in fact, very dear, talking and talking about their desires, about freedom and avant-garde subjects tend to go well.

Always be authentic and value your details, they will notice, and, for sure, it will be what catches their attention the most.

12. Pisces

They love relationships of complicity and hate when there is no clarity. You don’t need to play games or makeup stories, as they are very insecure, they end up abandoning the boat at the slightest sign of instability.

Show understanding, affection, talk about interesting and deep topics, listen carefully, and don’t be afraid to talk about plans, they love it!


Thinking that their attitude makes them superior, the natives of these signs end up wrong, behaving in a rude and completely rude way.

Who doesn’t know that little friend who never puts education first? Confusing positioning with bad manners, many people exaggerate the level of rudeness, believing they are imposing themselves and being true leaders.

The great truth is that, contrary to what many think, being authoritarian does not mean that the individual knows how to lead, it only puts him in a position of antipathy, the one that everyone puts up with, but ends up talking badly about him behind his back. Education is the tool capable of making you able to transit in all possible subjects, even the thorniest, without ever being seen as rude.

But the natives of these three signs do not even know what the word education means, and end up sinning in excess, becoming contradictory and with empty arguments. See if your zodiac sign or the one you know is on the list:

1. Aries

They have difficulty expressing themselves, being able to make themselves understood and, at times, it seems that they do not even have a large enough vocabulary. Although they live life in “black and white”, they tend to apply in their routines only what suits them, treating things with double standards.

Acid, prickly, coarse, and ill-mannered. When they feel any twinge of authority or want to “seal it up”, they usually say the first thing that comes to their mind, without adjusting that social filter. But this only happens when they want, when they have an interest (loving or professional) in someone, they start to behave in a submissive way, revealing attitudes to get along.

2. Capricorn

They don’t mind stepping on others to get what they want. Their relationships are mostly governed by interest, and they believe that everyone thinks the same way, just to lighten a little the weight of their attitudes. Overly ambitious, they focus so much on themselves that they forget to cultivate friendships and true relationships.

They don’t know how to be gentle or care whether they are tactful or not with others, mainly because they prefer to be faithful only to their feelings. This behavior ends up showing a very rude facet of Capricorns, but they usually behave like this only when they have some personal or professional interest in the person.

3. Aquarius

Aquarians, enter this list for the simple fact that they think they are the owners of reason. With the fixed idea that they live in the vanguard, they stop paying attention to others just to show that their ideas, their beliefs, and their way of living are always more correct than those of others. But the truth is that even they don’t know exactly what it’s like to live the “rightest way”, and they end up changing their mind about it quite often.

The acidity and irony of an Aquarius show themselves at full steam when they come across someone who disagrees with them, which makes the native of this sign, at times, even a little arrogant. With the express intention of always being “ahead of their time”, Aquarians forget that this is physically impossible, and become mere “borers in wellies”.

Is your sign on this list or do you know someone with any of these characteristics? The chance that we end up being a little rude to others exists for all signs, and the ones that appear here just show us that facet a little more regularly.

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