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The Most Unlucky Signs Of The Zodiac. Luck Is Not On Their Side

The character and fate of a person are largely determined by the sign of the zodiac under which he was born. We have already talked about which representatives of them are the most selfish, tend to underestimate themselves, and attract money like a magnet. Unlike the latter, which are considered incredibly lucky, some are rarely lucky. Astrologers believe that there are only 4 such signs.

The most unlucky zodiac signs

1. Capricorn

Disciplined and responsible Capricorns rarely fail, but their every success is the result of hard work and a minimum of luck. Representatives of this sign are excellent leaders and leaders, they create happy families. But at times, Capricorns wonder: why do they have to work harder than others to achieve their goals?

Nevertheless, they quickly get used to the unfavorable fate and consider each failure as a new experience. Capricorns easily leave negativity behind and boldly conquer the next peak, which each of us should learn from them.

2. Gemini

Cheerful, but indecisive and inconsistent Gemini faces difficulties due to the duality of this sign. They impulsively change decisions and points of view without listening to intuition. It looks like Lady Luck just can’t keep up with them.

Having failed, they immediately switch to a new field of activity, and sometimes you just have to wait a bit.

Gemini is depressed when their plans fall apart, so they easily change them. No need to despair and think that everything is not going the way you would like. After all, chaos and unlimited development opportunities are your elements.

3. Taurus

The legendary stubbornness of Taurus can sometimes play a cruel joke on them. Representatives of this sign are so eager to maintain the stability that the necessary, and sometimes fateful changes never happen. Nevertheless, the reliability and responsibility of Taurus help them make the right decisions and correct any mistakes.

They tend to achieve social and financial well-being. Things are a little more complicated on the love front: not too romantic representatives of this sign can look for their halves for quite some time. But hurry to despair, because the expectation, in the end, pays off a hundredfold.

4. Pisces

Pisces tend to think that bad luck just haunts them. Trusting by nature, they often become victims of fraud and are disappointed in relationships with people unworthy of their love. Intuition rarely fails the representatives of this sign, but they tend to dwell on failure so much that they see everything in very gloomy colors.

Pisces do not seek to get rich or seize power, because this is not the main thing for them. Another thing is relationships. They fall in love easily and make those around them happy in an amazing way.

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