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Which Angel Guards You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

It is believed that angels are creatures created from light that protect people from darkness and evil. Each sign of the Zodiac has its angel, which helps to reveal all your virtues, and the opposite angel, which brings a sense of balance.

Which angel guards you according to your zodiac sign? Find out which angel protects and guides you through life depending on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Angel of Creation

The Angel of Creation, which protects Aries, helps to direct all the impulses of the representatives of this zodiac sign in a positive direction. It pushes them to action and gives them incredible physical and emotional strength.

If you have something in mind, this Angel will support any initiative and projects, give you energy and motivate you to start new risky projects. The opposite angel – the Angel of Love (Libra) slows down the imperiousness of Aries and gives protection from recklessness.

Taurus – Angel of the Trinity

The Angel of the Trinity endows Taurus with devotion and constancy. The gift that was given to you from birth is patience and determination. Thanks to his protection, you can endure any whims of fate and will be able to bring all your affairs to an end. Its opposite angel, the Reincarnation Angel (Scorpio), will support you as you face big life changes and give you a little bit of romance.

Gemini – Angel Communication

This angel gives you the ability to find the right words at the right time. It gives protection and understanding and helps you adapt to any situation you face. Thanks to this angel, you will remain open and positive.

The opposite angel – the Angel of Happiness (Sagittarius) will protect you from sadness, bring stability in love and help get rid of indecision.

Cancer – Angel of Plenty

Cancer is under the auspices of the Angel of Abundance, which gives it a strong sensitivity and a truly peaceful character. He helps the representatives of this zodiac sign to learn from their experiences. Also, the energy of this angel gives inner peace, relieving you of the stress of everyday problems. The opposite angel – the Angel of Labor (Capricorn) will help you cope with loneliness and protect you from the negative effects of long isolation. By invoking this angel, you will feel safe and able to deal with any problem.

Leo – Angel of Earth Force

Your protector gives you strength and reliability, distinguishing you from other signs of the zodiac. More than you have been given three gifts: devotion, courage, and optimism. Thanks to these talents, you will be able to live an interesting life full of surprises. This angel provides you with incredible confidence and charisma.

The opposite angel – the Angel of Freedom (Aquarius) will come to your aid when you need to show your selflessness or retire.

Virgo – Angel of Healing

This angel gives you the ability to maintain both external and internal order. The three gifts given to you from above are wisdom, practical intelligence, and diligence.

Thanks to this, you are always calm, optimistic, and able to remain firm when you have a goal. The opposite angel – the Angel of Dreams (Pisces) will protect you from an inferiority complex and teach flexibility in judgment.

Libra – Angel of Heavenly Love

This angel will give you love and unsurpassed imagination. It empowers you to coexist with others peacefully and harmoniously.

This creature also endows you with an exceptional sense of justice. The opposite angel, the Angel of Creation (Aries), protects you from anxiety and helps you deal with any difficult situation.

Scorpio – Angel Reincarnation

This angel gives you a strong and determined character and extraordinary courage. You are endowed with such qualities as intellectual maturity, romance, vitality, and loyalty.

The opposite angel – the Angel of the Trinity (Taurus) brings you patience and constancy, as well as emotional stability in interpersonal relationships. He helps you when you need faith and security.

Sagittarius – Angel of Happiness

Sagittarius is protected by the angel Happiness, which gives them the desire to know the world and different cultures. He endows them with three qualities: a good mood, respect for the rules, and a desire to learn.

It also helps you to remain honest and sincere in any situation. The opposite angel – the Angel of Communication (Gemini) helps to overcome the tendency to vanity, gives strength, and supports all your projects.

Capricorn – Angel of Work

This angel multiplies your physical and spiritual powers. His presence helps you better concentrate on knowledge and mental activity. It also gives you strength at the right moment.

The Opposite Angel of Abundance (Cancer) helps you fight distrust and deepens your feelings.

Aquarius – Angel of Freedom

This angel bestows creativity on you. Thanks to him, Aquarians become good partners and sincere friends.

He guides you to learn and expand your knowledge, making you one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. Opposite Angel – The Angel of Earth Force (Leo) helps you overcome crises and turn ideas into visible achievements.

Pisces – Dream Angel

The Dream Angel bestows universal love and mercy. He endows you with sharp intuition and the ability to draw closer to God.

He also gives Pisces the ability of clairvoyance. The opposite angel – the Angel of Healing (Virgo) gives the necessary strength to withstand any obstacles and overcome the problems that arise in your path. It will give you optimism and security.

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