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Tarot Spread For Each Zodiac Sign For The Week From November 14 To 20

Do you want to know what this week has in store for you? Then quickly read the Tarot layout for each zodiac sign from the grand master of Tarot Olna Lemberg!

Aries – 6 of swords

And this week I’m waiting for your new frontiers and spaces. Perhaps there is a journey ahead, a trip in which you will gain new knowledge and new understanding. And it’s time – you’re already bored with the old shores, you need to go in search of the unknown.

Taurus – Devil

This week, be careful in your pleasures – do not abuse alcohol, refrain from offering luxury right now and for nothing, take care of your health, do not believe fairy tales about sudden eternal love – all this is from the evil one, empty temptations, if you give in, you will regret it.

Gemini – Death

These days, the growing crisis in your life will reach its peak – and everything will end, either completely, or something else will begin. But the old state of affairs is over in any case, and you know, this is for the better, dying is still not life and there is no need to waste vital forces on prolonging it, it’s just time to live.

Cancer – 2 of swords

You need a break – both in battles with external circumstances and in disputes with yourself. The problem can no longer be solved by endless aggression and internal dialogue; this only makes you tired, but there is no solution. Therefore, let yourself be silent, and let the world be silent a little, or stop listening to it – not for long, but you will immediately gain more strength.

Leo – King of Pentacles

You are about to meet someone who has resources, and he has them because he is generous, but not wasteful. Therefore, you will have to clearly and reasonably explain to him what and how much and why he should give you, how exactly to help, and what will be the benefit for him from helping you. So be convincing.

Virgo -4 of Wands

You have that rare moment when everything is stable and not yet boring. You achieved something, provided something, and for a short time, everything is fine. So rejoice and even celebrate, just remember that tomorrow you will have to move on again and achieve new achievements.

Libra – 7 of swords

And you be careful and don’t trust those around you – especially those who are most drawn to you now – they don’t want the best for you and all their words and compliments are not sincere. They just want to talk to you, fool you, and rob you or spoil you. So be on your guard.

Scorpio – Lovers

This week there will be many interesting contacts and offers, and you will easily succeed in everything related to communication and interaction with others – negotiations, deals, and concluding any agreements. Be sincere and sociable – and so will your communication partners.

Sagittarius – 10 of swords

And something will end for you – completely, forever, and along with the pain of loss will come relief that there will be no more pain. There is an end to everything – life, death, mourning for the dead, and a better terrible one, but an end than a horror without end. Accept your loss and move on.

Capricorn – 8 of Wands

Everything is just going your way and at a good pace – all processes are established and running, the less you interfere with them now, the more successfully they will go. There are times when everything happens on its own, you just need to keep an eye on it.

Aquarius – Knight of Wands

You will have to move quickly to keep up with the implementation of your ideas and plans, so release your inner fire, your passion, and all your creative potential into the world. Now is the time.

Pisces – Queen of Pentacles

And you are all concerned about the house, about the well-being, so that everyone has enough of everything, everyone is well-fed, warm, and happy. There is magic in caring and diligence, in comfort and kindness – and this magic is now fully yours.

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