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The strength that each sign relies on in a relationship: Taurus is patient, Aquarius relies on communication

The success of a relationship depends on how much both partners invest in it: they both have to put everything they value at stake and contribute together to create a strong bond.

Here’s what strength each sign brings to a relationship:


The encouragements. You make your lover believe that anything is possible. You push him to fulfill his dreams because you know he has everything he needs to succeed.


Patience. You never rush your partner, you don’t pressure him and you don’t get irritated with him. You give him all the time and space he needs.


The ratings. You always thank him for the nice things he does for you. You make him feel that all his efforts are worth it.


Attention. You are an active listener. You listen to everything he has to say and make him feel heard.


Care. You look for him all the time and ask him questions that prove to him that you are interested in how he feels.


The observations. You pay attention to your lover and notice every time something is wrong, so you can fix the situation.


Affection. Don’t hesitate to hold his hand in public, on the sofa or in the car. You always make him feel wanted.


The fun. Even if he is upset, you make him laugh. You always know what to say to help him feel good.


The enthusiasm. You show him how happy you are to see him, so he never has to guess how you feel.


Memory. You remember all the little things your boyfriend said, so you always know what gift to get him for his birthday.


Communication. You express your feelings, tell him “I love you” often and reward him for the compliments he gave you so he knows you appreciate his efforts.


Confidence. Your partner can always count on you – answer the phone promptly, listen to what he has to say, help him. Never put it on the fire.

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