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The Zodiac Sign That Always Gets What It Wants, According To Astrologers

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These zodiac signs always have more than one hole up their sleeve. Some people seem to consistently succeed in their endeavors: they apply for a job and get an offer, slip their number to someone at the bar and get a call the next day, or ask for a discount at a flea market and are offered a 50% discount.

This success may partly result from their personality traits, but according to astrologers, it could also be influenced by their zodiac sign. Below, experts outline the top astrological signs that tend to always get what they want, ranked in a graded fashion from strong-willed to exceptionally efficient.

6. Taurus

This astrological sign stands out for its elegance, sensuality, and, in a word, tenacity. Taureans show particular perseverance when their circle of friends shares the same goal (for example, when they are all vying for the same promotion at work).

Once they set a goal, Taureans dedicate themselves to it, overcoming all obstacles. Their pragmatic approach and patience often allow them to conquer what they desire over time.

Unlike other signs that may simply strive for achievement, Taurus will make a specific plan on how to achieve their goals.

5. Aries

The inexhaustible motivation of this sign makes it an expert at initiating projects, and its impatience pushes it to complete them quickly. As a cardinal fire sign, Aries positions itself as a leader and initiator in the zodiac. It is natural for them to focus with motivation and passionate energy on achieving their own goals.

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Sometimes people on their path may complain about Aries’ insistence and controlling behaviors.

4. Capricorn

This sign is known for its leadership, so it’s no wonder that it usually succeeds in getting what it wants.

Capricorns, belonging to the Earth element, are known for their pragmatism and grounding, but they are also ruled by the planet Saturn, symbolizing the realm beyond borders and establishing solid foundations and rules.

As a cardinal sign, that makes them excellent at starting projects, Capricorns combine motivation, drive, and discipline to pursue their goals in any way they see fit.

They often have a “my way or the highway” approach, taking the initiative and getting things done on their terms.

3. Leo

No sign radiates as much as Leo, a charismatic fire sign ruled by the sun.

Leos are confident, and charismatic and emanate a powerful presence. Their determination and seductive skills play a crucial role in achieving their goals and influencing others.

In other words, they have mastered the art of persuasion. Whether it’s convincing someone to support their latest business venture or donating to charity, Leos knows how to turn on their charm at a moment’s notice.

2. Virgo

Virgos are experts at getting real results.

Methodical, planned, and direct, Virgos invests hard work into everything they do, following an often meticulous and calculated process. Their approach, comparable to solving a mathematical problem where each step is demonstrated to arrive at the answer, applies to various aspects of their lives.

When their method is revealed, it’s hard not to let them succeed, as one can see the careful steps they took to achieve their goals.

Their tendency for deep work and communication serves them remarkably well.

1. Scorpio

Scorpios aren’t just attractive people; their success rests on other aspects.

Although often associated with traits such as intensity and obsession, Scorpios use their intense obsession (ruled by the planet Mars, which rules action, motivation, anger, etc.) to carry out meticulous research and develop action plans.

They do not act impulsively; rather, they calculate precisely how to achieve their goals before taking action.

Additionally, Scorpios don’t mind taking a long-term approach. If you think they might have an ace up their sleeve, they most likely do.

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