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These 4 Zodiac Signs Never Tell The Truth

Everyone has probably heard a little white lie at some point – that might be okay in some situations. But some people generally don’t take the truth very seriously. According to the horoscope, this particularly applies to four zodiac signs.

If the situation requires it, a white lie is sometimes an option. However, some people have a problem with outright lies – and others less so. Because there are also people who never take the truth too seriously. This may not be a bad intention, but dreams and reality are often close together and this lowers the inhibition threshold. Some zodiac signs generally lie more than others.

These zodiac signs lie more often


Gemini likes to tell stories. To make them sound more exciting, they simply add things or simply leave out boring details. In any case, chatting is one of the zodiac sign’s favorite activities because they are generally very communicative. And if those born under Gemini don’t have a story in store, they quickly invent one – it’s also carefully thought out. After all, you don’t want the other person to notice that the story isn’t true.


Pisces are generally quite reserved. And yet it still happens now and then that the zodiac sign resorts to white lies. This happens primarily to calm down your loved ones and avoid conflict situations. If something negative has happened, they try to put the story in a positive light with made-up additional information. The zodiac sign should better explain honestly why they have made various decisions – lying is not the right way.


Just like Pisces, Libra also resorts to white lies from time to time. This can especially happen in crises. Even if the zodiac sign has made a mistake, he does not admit it and blames others. Whenever an argument or discussion arises, they always look for a way out and invent a few things to defuse the situation. Libra-born people are not always completely honest – you should be a little careful.


Taurus especially resorts to lies when they want to be the center of attention. That’s why he showers his friends with compliments to make himself popular. So if his best friend has new clothes, he thinks they’re great – he says that even if he thinks they’re terrible. The zodiac sign doesn’t always tell the truth and is especially dishonest with its friends. A tip: You can score better with the truth – even if it sometimes hurts.

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