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Today’s Horoscope 11th April 2023


On the day favorable to your sign, the planet of affections presents itself in tasty transit, for you of Aries. When you return from the Easter holidays, therefore, you appear interesting, nice, and attractive. Don’t be shy, especially if you’re single and looking, and show yourself around.


There comes a time when you may be a little anxious about your relationship with material possessions. On this day, your guiding star, Venus, shows itself in the field of money, for your sign. You must learn to be more scientific and less impulsive in business spheres.


Love life smiles both to those who are in a stable relationship and to those who are currently alone and would like to find a soul mate. The star of affections is in tasty conjunction, for you Geminis, starting this Tuesday. In love, you will be versatile and successful.


You are very eager to get involved. Be careful, however, not to pass for those who want to keep their foot in both shoes. Someone could get very jealous. For your Water sign, the star of love and friendship appears in the House of the Unconscious today.


Love will find you more protagonists in the coming weeks. This Tuesday, the planet of affection shows itself in a tasty moment, for you Leoncini. Your charm takes its toll. You will feel the center of attention whether you are a couple or looking for adventures.


Over the next few days, the person you like most might think that you are imposing ways of living relationships on them that are much closer to your way of feeling than theirs. For Virgo, there’s an uncomfortable aspect to the planet of feelings, starting today.


Daily activities resume, but your attention is (rightly) dedicated to love affairs. For your Air sign, a smooth aspect of the planet of affections is underway, starting today. You’ll be charismatic and you’ll get interested looks from people you don’t mind.


After a period of sentimental stasis, there will be good opportunities to see novelties in the emotional field. Starting from the lucky day for your sign, the star of feelings passes through the Field of renewal, for Scorpio… You like different people than usual.


A disharmonious aspect of the star of love begins for your Fire sign today. Don’t tell your loved one anything you’re not 100% sure about. Otherwise, it may be thought that you are a bit manipulative. It takes more honesty in love.


Starting this Tuesday, the planet of feelings is in the astrological house of everyday life, for you Capricorns. In the coming weeks, you will be the most passionate and best sign between the sheets. The partner will be delighted with your sensual way of doing it.


For Aquarius, a harmonious aspect of Venus is underway, starting from this day… Your emotional relationships are getting more interesting. Particularly successful will be someone who wants to meet and associate (perhaps intimately) with new and attractive people. The chances are not low.


There is a complicated planet position of love and friendship for you Pisces starting today. Where is your sensitive and artistic way of doing things? In the next few days, you will appear slightly superficial in the eyes of someone who loves your depth instead.

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