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Today’s Horoscope 28th April 2023


You will appear very generous in the eyes of a person who has always felt little considered, and who now wants to feel the dedication of someone special like you. A tasty position of the Moon continues, for you Aries, as the weekend approaches…


In the professional environment, you are accused of being too competitive. For you Taurus, an uncomfortable position of the nocturnal star continues, on the day favorable for your sign. Know how to accept the fact that you don’t always have to come first and that you can be second but happy.


You are very credible, both in what you say in a professional context and in how you relate to your partner or the person who inspires you the most. Our satellite is at an advantageous moment for Gemini, now that the weekend is approaching… Your thoughts are followed up.


You are very talented. As the weekend approaches, the Moon is in the astrological house of economies, for you Cancer… If you dedicate yourself to something you are good at, you can aim for a better economic situation. People close to you find you very credible.


It is a period of renewal. Indeed, there is a pleasant lunar conjunction for your Fire sign this Friday. If there’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while, but haven’t found the time to implement, now is the time to give it a try. The results will be better than you thought.


If you play sports, be careful not to get too tired. Your Earth sign, our satellite is in the astrological house of latent enemies, with the weekend approaching… It will be good to arrive at the weekend without expending too much energy so that you can enjoy your vacation days.


Your enthusiasm leads you to do well in a thorny task that others would not even want to touch. A positive position of our satellite is underway, for you Libras, on the day of the week that is favorable for you. You will make a good impression in front of someone who can judge you.


Now that the weekend is approaching, for you Scorpios, a dissonant aspect of the nocturnal star persists… Don’t worry, however: the next few days will be much less eventful and you will resume the right pace in life. Try to pass this day unscathed, for now.


There is a comfortable aspect to our satellite for you Sagittarius as the weekend approaches. The working week comes to an end and you are quite enthusiastic and eager to face two days as protagonists. You’ll have to prepare yourself not to sulk, on the weekend, though.


Now that the weekend is approaching, for your Earth sign the night star is in the House of Reorganization. The final part of the working week sees you able to find the key to a rather complicated situation. Solving it will earn you points.


Our satellite is always in unpleasant opposition to your Air sign on this day… Your pride does not help you. There is a need to appear more humble even in the most competitive environments. People who matter will appreciate your modesty, even if you don’t think so.


Now that the weekend is approaching, for Pisces, our satellite is still passing through the House of Duties… Eros is on the shields. Take advantage of this state of shape, which allows you to make a good impression between the sheets. This time, you have nothing to fear, in the eventual tete à tete.

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