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What good things will happen to these 3 luckiest zodiac signs in October, 2022

What astrological signs are on the list? A clue: two earth signs and one water sign.

As in any situation, one is luckier than the other. In the month of October, there are three zodiac signs to whom the stars have decided to give only great opportunities. Love, money, health, everything smiles at them. He could almost forget about all the evils of the rest of the year!

The 3 luckiest zodiac signs in October 2022


When it comes to love, Venus and Jupiter offer great prospects for Scorpios. Singles are now particularly active in finding a partner, they are looking for great love, which is not far away. Therefore, Scorpios should keep their eyes open this month.

On the other hand, those who already have someone can expect some special moments. The two partners now see each other with completely new eyes and discover common interests that they were not even aware of before.

Professional success also remains on the agenda. Scorpios can look at this month as a new beginning. Now they feel ready to take on new tasks and set new goals. Or it could mean a whole new job. In October, Scorpios show motivation and conviction in what they do. It’s no wonder that with so much passion and creativity, great opportunities can present themselves.

In addition, Scorpio’s morale is high. He has nerves of steel and stress doesn’t really get to him.


Virgos do wonderfully in love this month.

Singles continue to flirt and fall in love. What makes October even more special is that the object of their encounter could become their life partner. For Virgos already in a relationship, they will get even closer to their better half. The two lovers feel good, and now they live in a very harmonious phase. Everything is going perfectly.

When it comes to work, Virgos are successful, especially since they are known to be hardworking and conscientious. In addition, Mercury in a favorable position allows good communication with his employees or colleagues. Couldn’t ask for more! October seems like the perfect month for new projects and new tasks. The planet Venus also brings creative thoughts and good ideas to them constantly.

On a physical level, Virgos go through a phase where they feel fit and balanced.

Their inner balance will reach its peak this month.


In terms of love, Taurus see life in rosy colors, as the planet Venus promises them a particularly harmonious October. If they already have someone, the two lovers will enjoy autumn and relax. For singles, now is the time for dating! Tauruses know how to be extremely attractive and charming, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they meet their other half for good. Nothing is impossible for them at this particularly favorable moment.

In addition, Taurus has other successes in life. Venus supports their creativity, which makes them love whatever they do.

Teamwork, creative projects, everything now seems very easy for them. However, they should be more careful with their spending. If you’re a Taurus, it might be better to put your wallet away and wait until next month to make some unnecessary purchases.

October is the month of vacation and relaxation for all Taurus. During these fall weeks, they can finally relax and enjoy life. This month, they show more sensitivity to these small pleasures in life and feel happier than usual.

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