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Which Astrological Sign Is The Most Adventurous?

“Indiana Jones” was his answer when asked as a child what he wanted to do when he grew up. This is the astrological sign that serves as the adventurer of the zodiac.

Adventurer against all warriors, this sign is always in transit between two journeys, two explorations. Direction? The unknown, of course! His boundless curiosity guides him, his burning desire to know what he doesn’t know lights his path. It’s not entirely that he’s not afraid of anything, but that doesn’t stop him from moving forward. On the contrary, if certain signs like Cancer or Taurus greatly prefer the security and well-trodden (or even marked) paths, this astrological sign only likes one type of path: those that are unknown to it.


“Towards infinity and beyond”, such is his program for the day and his philosophy in life. This eternal optimist that is Sagittarius dreams of only one thing: adventure. All categories combined. Whether it’s a spontaneous road trip, a dish with completely unfamiliar flavors, or the discovery of a new philosophical concept that portends wonderful years of reading. To make a Sagittarius happy, they need two things: their freedom and constant learning.

It’s simple, he’s interested in everything. And when he finds a field of knowledge, he digs into it deeply. If he did not love light so passionately, this Fire sign would happily agree to become a vampire to visit everything, read everything, taste everything, and know everything. His inexhaustible thirst for adventure sometimes overwhelms him and Sagittarius is known for his excesses, his addictive temperament, and… his particular way of regularly going beyond the limits. This is why he is said to be quick to break the rules and to be fickle.


However, he is the polar opposite sign of Sagittarius, but like all the complementary duos of the zodiac, he has a lot to do with his sidekick. Gemini is certainly more thoughtful than Sagittarius, but just as unpredictable. For him, the desire to see what is happening elsewhere translates into a frenzy of learning. Anything new, fun, and relatively forbidden stimulates his intellect. Intruding into a party full of people with political views opposed to his own is his idea of ​​successful entertainment. Gemini is an adventurer of the spirit.

Another Air sign, an element linked to movement, Aquarius deserves to be part of this top. Symbolic heir of Uranus, star of revolutions, he is entirely turned towards the future. His favorite place? The place he doesn’t yet know. His favorite memory? Dreaming of the future. Aquarius is not afraid of major life changes, of disrupting their daily lives and throwing routines into disarray. He is capable of completely changing careers without remorse or, like 2be3, of “leaving one day, without returning, without looking back, without regrets”.

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