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Zodiac Sign Sagittarius: These Characteristics Are Typical

Here you can read which characteristics are typical of the Sagittarius zodiac sign, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and what the love horoscope predicts.

Your zodiac sign is Sagittarius if you were born between November 23rd and December 21st. Your ruling planet is Jupiter, and the element of your zodiac sign is fire. You also have a movable modality.

Sagittarius are considered optimistic, sociable people. And they are extremely active, if not restless. The fire sign doesn’t like standing still so it’s constantly on the move and discovering the world.

Sagittarius approaches new experiences openly and with a lot of self-confidence. But he isn’t particularly worried about his change search. Sometimes this can seem a bit unrealistic, but for the dynamic zodiac sign, it is exactly the right thing.

Are you also a Sagittarius zodiac sign? Then you can find out here what else makes your zodiac sign unique.

Sagittarius zodiac sign at a glance

Date : November 23rd – December 21st

Element:  Fire

Colors:  turquoise, orange

Opposite sign:  Gemini

Gemstones:  Chalcedony, Tanzanite

Planet:  Jupiter

Body parts:  hips, thighs, lower spine

Modality: Mobile

Zodiac symbol Sagittarius

Zodiac sign Sagittarius is often depicted as a centaur in the constellation, i.e. as a hybrid of a human and a horse. The human half holds a bow and arrow in his hand. The zodiac symbol is also based on this, a stylized image of the bow with an arrow.

Sagittarius zodiac sign: typical characteristics

What is hidden behind the energetic zodiac sign Sagittarius? These characteristics are typical of the fire sign:

1. You are optimistic

Always in a good mood, with an eye for the positive: you try to find something good in everything. Also because you have enough confidence that everything will be okay in the end. For Sagittarius, the glass is always half full. Things will go wrong!

2. You are goal-oriented

Sagittarius always have a clear goal in mind and do everything they can to achieve it. Sometimes they go a little too far or want something much too quickly and therefore offend those around them. The Sagittarius’ temperament is to blame: his element is fire and this is reflected in his great ambition.

3. You are curious

Your friends love your open-minded nature. You are interested in God and the world. You are also very open to self-reflection and love communicating with others to find out more. Sagittarius is always looking for a higher meaning. You can philosophize and dream with you – it never gets boring!

4. You are freedom-loving

You need your freedom and are very spontaneous. Flexibility in everyday life is extremely important to you. Your family and friends will have to get used to the fact that you often don’t get in touch for days. They mustn’t bombard you with calls and messages, which will put you off.

5. You are honest

Honesty is particularly important for the zodiac sign Sagittarius. I’m sure you feel the same way: you don’t shy away from giving your honest opinion and are a fan of direct words. If you want your advice, you can count on your honest, clear opinion. If you feel betrayed, you quickly distance yourself.

6. You are tolerant

You are free from prejudice and give everyone a chance. You are attracted by the differences in your fellow human beings; you see them as an exciting enrichment. Many people appreciate that about you. You don’t think much of conventions but are cosmopolitan and non-conformist.

7. You are carefree

You fly through the world as free as a bird and don’t stress yourself out with “what if” thoughts. You live in the here and now. Thrill is your middle name. However, now and then you go through life too carelessly and tend to become unreasonable. This can sometimes backfire!

8. You are impulsive

You’ve probably already made a few mistakes. The problem: Unfortunately, you often act without thinking about it first. This goes hand in hand with your penchant for chaos. You are very enthusiastic and are easily tempted to implement new ideas straight away. It’s quite good, but you often get lost in it.

9. You are rebellious

Rules and regulations are not your thing. You often only stick to what you consider logical. But you also think little of social norms and values. As is typical of fire signs, you often act emotionally driven and quickly reach the ceiling. Then you can hardly control yourself.

Protect strengths

What strengths particularly characterize the Sagittarius zodiac sign? These personality traits stand out:

  • Dynamic
  • Honestly
  • Freedom loving
  • Open
  • Confident
  • Spontaneous

Sagittarius weaknesses

And what flaws does the zodiac sign Sagittarius typically have? These characteristics drive the shooter and those around him crazy:

  • Stubborn
  • Egotistical
  • Easily irritated
  • Chaotic
  • Impulsive

Sagittarius love horoscope

If there’s one thing to say about Sagittarius-borns and love, it’s that Sagittarians value their freedom above all else. No matter whether you are a woman or a man: the zodiac sign likes to wander around and look for new adventures.

It looks similar to a relationship. The fire sign finds it difficult to commit, and so it likes to jump from partnership to partnership. However, the shooter always says openly and honestly what is going on – even if it hurts. There is no secret cheating with him.

Routine and jealousy are the quickest ways to drive a Sagittarius out of a relationship. A lot of freedom and great passion, however, are the key to success. Because Sagittarius likes being together. This makes adventures more fun!

Which zodiac signs suit Sagittarius?

  • Aries
  • Lion
  • twin
  • Aquarius
  • Scale

What about the ideal partners for Sagittarius? A good team makes the zodiac sign with other fire signs. Aries and Leo are assertive, and courageous and don’t let anything stop them – that fits!

With his open nature, Sagittarius has no objection when opposites come together. Gemini and Aquarius quickly capture his interest. Both also give the shooters the freedom they need and are always ready for adventure.

Air sign Libra in particular is a hit for Sagittarius. A wonderful future can be in the offing here because Sagittarius and Libra understand each other blindly and balance each other out.

Who doesn’t fit the Sagittarius zodiac sign?

  • Virgo
  • bull
  • Capricorn
  • fish
  • Scorpio
  • Cancer

Things are less harmonious with Virgo. She is simply too perfectionist and places too much emphasis on little things for Sagittarius, while he would much rather dance through life carefree. The situation is similar with the down-to-earth Taurus.

Earth sign Capricorn is also not an ideal match. Because the Capricorn is a pragmatist at heart, whose cool nature quickly scares off the Sagittarius. The situation is different with Pisces: They are more likely to be scared away by Sagittarius’s impulsiveness.

The water signs Scorpio and Cancer also have rather unfavorable love stars with Sagittarius. Because they are looking for stability, but encounter the opposite with the busy shooter. This quickly leads to arguments and problems.

Perfect careers for the Sagittarius zodiac sign

As an incorrigible optimist, Sagittarius also wants to thrive at work and firmly believes that this is possible. He likes it best when he can turn his job into a vocation and use all of his skills.

Money is secondary, and Sagittarius is not very materialistic. It should be fun and offer variety. That’s exactly why the zodiac sign also works in media jobs or as an actor or designer. Real artists are sleeping in the shooters who want to get out!

However, one thing makes working together with the shooter a little complicated. Because neither privately nor professionally does he mince his words. He says straight up what bothers him – and not always diplomatically.

Sagittarius Woman: Characteristics

What characterizes the Sagittarius woman? She has some very special properties and characteristics that immediately give her away:

1. She has a lot of optimism and goes through life with a smile. Even if she doesn’t always know where the path will take her, she is sure that everything will be okay in the end. After all, you can’t always think so negatively!

2. The Sagittarius lady is self-confident and has a very special effect on others. She enchants with her relaxed, cheerful nature. Her carefree personality simply makes her stand out from the crowd.

3. She hates routines. She wants variety in life and doesn’t want to limit herself to the same things over and over again. Boredom is important to avoid! This is very easy for the Sagittarius woman.

4. Because she loves the unknown, she sometimes finds it difficult to commit to a partner. She likes her independence and doesn’t want to lose it. Controlling people? Absolutely no way.

Sagittarius Man: Characteristics

And what about the male shooters? Of course, they are also blessed with their strengths (and quirks!):

1. The Sagittarius man is always looking for the next adventure and strives for change. He doesn’t have monotonous days, he just doesn’t want to miss anything and is therefore on the go a lot.

2. He is also a real solo entertainer and incredibly generous. This not only makes him a popular buddy, but he also attracts potential partners like Honey. His healthy dose of self-confidence certainly doesn’t hurt.

3. The Sagittarius man doesn’t lose his heart easily. It has to be right! His freedom must not be restricted, his partner must stand on his own two feet and be able to deal with his impulsive nature.

4. He is quite willing to take risks when it comes to private or business matters. However, he sometimes trips himself up because he talks out of his head. Less is more!

The remaining zodiac signs at a glance:

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