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Horoscope: Mid-April Promises To Be Complicated For These Two Astrological Signs

Stress, headaches, and the need to make efforts. The planets undermine two astrological signs. If the week of April 11 to 17, 2024 does not look like it will be easy, there is some good to be had. It’s the astrologer, Jean-Yves Espié who says it!

“Is something happening in the sky right now?” » We have been asked this question about fifteen times in recent days. Between those who have trouble sleeping, and those who feel exhausted, stressed, or on edge. The month of April is starting to scare everyone. And you don’t need to be passionate about astrology to understand that there’s something of a hiccup at the moment. Our answer to all these questions? ” Yes of course! But where to start?

First, there is Mercury retrograde which pushes us to review our positioning. Where do we stand with others? Which relationships become burdensome? What alliances do we want to focus on? By turning around in the sky, the planet of communication and intellect invites us to reinvent our strategy to free ourselves from blockages. Then there is Jupiter and Uranus coming together. A rare phenomenon that last occurred during the Arab Spring. And when expansion, luck, and rebellion come together, it inevitably causes questions and small existential crises. What do we want? What makes us truly happy? You will have understood, that we are at a crossroads. At a decisive turning point in our lives. If it is rather positive for certain astrological signs, for others it is the assurance of some complications. Here are the two signs least favored by the stars between April 11 and 17, 2024.


We know it, we must not rush it. Pisces has the reputation of being rather slippery when it comes to taking responsibility. The latest born of the zodiac, he much prefers to let himself be carried away than to have the role of leader. No other option, however: “The meeting of the planet of action (Mars) and that of wisdom (Saturn) in the middle of your sector indicates that it is the time to make choices to refocus on the essential. » Pisces arrives at the crossroads. It’s time for him to make a poker move to win the bet. But that requires getting a little wet. Mars pushes him to accelerate the movement, to be more incisive, and to impose himself. It’s great for his ego – Pisces gains confidence – less so for the ultra-relaxation plans he had planned this weekend.

“When Mars energizes your need for action, Saturn invites you to save your efforts so as not to get distracted. » In the coming days, Pisces will therefore have to stay focused. Gone are the desires to try a new hobby or the need to relax at the spa. The planets challenge him: to succeed in investing 100% in a project that is close to his heart. He will therefore have to navigate between these two energies to do well in the game. He, who is not the type to think about strategy and bluffing, will have to make some effort. It can be destabilizing, but we have confidence in him. He will be able to find a solution to win the game.


We never thought we would have to advise this to the chilliest sign of the zodiac. Taurus, known for being a quiet force, is the one who cultivates slowness. In astrology, it is also given the role of “making the seeds sown by Aries germinate”, the sign to which it succeeds. What does this mean? Taurus surfs on the credo everything comes in time to those who know how to wait. However, the current situation is forcing him to hurry. Projects are accelerating, discussions are lively, and the pace is rhythmic. But this is not necessarily negative. Thanks to the presence of Jupiter, expansion, and happiness, in its sky, Taurus is going through a period of luck. A new page is turning for the horned beast. Now is the time to be ambitious to make your desires come true.

The only downside: “ Uranus creates impatience. » The little rebel of the solar system pushes Taurus to want everything, right away. Which risks causing some hiccups, especially when we know that Mercury is still retrograding until April 25. In other words, his tendency to balk and stamp his foot could make exchanges a little complicated. More than ever, Taurus must learn to calm things down and above all to channel his overflowing energy. “Heaven invites you to listen to your deep needs: peace and calm,” underlines the astrologer. It is by giving time that solutions will be found. We need to step back take a step aside, to analyze the situation from a fresh perspective. “This new energy also invites you to think outside the box. » So we take Taurus by the horns and take a break. And this, even if it can sometimes seem frustrating.

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