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With a complex personality, these natives end up forgetting their qualities just to feel part of a group.

Human socialization is extremely important for life, for the evolution of our species and even to keep us more emotionally calm. Friendship, relationships in the work environment, and even romantic involvements converge to create communities, strong bonds that make us move around the world.

But some people exaggerate the socialization part and want to please so much, that they cancel out their personality. This need to try to be part of a group, to feel accepted by those they admire, ends up causing some individuals to lose their characteristics.

Let’s find out which are these signs that cancel each other out just to please others? Check out!

1. Cancer

With an exaggerated affection for everyone around him, a typical Cancer native wants to give and receive attention in a humanly impossible intensity. They need care, affection, and demonstrations of affection at all times, and when they don’t get what they want, they think it may be their fault. With this doubt hovering around, they try to change their personality, imagining that this will make them more loved and dear.

They are extremely careful, trying to solve all the problems of friends and those with whom they are emotionally involved, not letting others develop their abilities naturally. It is common for Cancer people to suffocate others and their relationships to end their cycles with a lot of accumulated hurt. The ideal is to allow others to be who they are, to love in the way and intensity they are capable of, and not have to go through emotional manipulations.

2. Libra

Libras don’t know how to live without the company of other people, and they embrace any kind of friendship, in addition to maintaining lasting relationships simply because they can’t be alone. In addition, they have this “judge” tendency, typical of the sign, which requires them to always want to listen to both sides, and only from there to draw their conclusions about any subject.

They hate to be indisposed with friends, family, acquaintances, and soulmates, so they show a certain lack of personality. Always on the fence, waiting for the other to tell them what to do, so that they are labeled “nice” and “smart”, they end up completely canceling their personality in search of acceptance.

3. Pisces

Pisceans live in a world apart and love all people so much, demonstrating a high level of empathy, that they exceed their limits. They want to make everyone, even those they barely know, feel good in their presence, and they end up doing favors and spending money beyond the limit to do so. They don’t know how to say “no”, and this inability comes from the need to please, which can deeply hurt the little fish.

They make an intense effort in all the relationships they establish, they give themselves excessively, and when they realize that they carry almost nothing of themselves, they prefer to leave rather than continue feeding that illusion. They sink into fantasies and imaginary dialogues, dreaming of the moment when they will finally be able to impose themselves on their most relevant links.


They think they can fool anyone, so they don’t spare their antics even those they supposedly love.

How far are you able to go to get what you want?

There are several ways to interpret this question. Some don’t measure limits to reach their goals, and with that, they give their best and never give up. Your mind is always focused on what you can or cannot do, in short, on your capabilities.

But some people can maliciously see this questioning, just ask what they would do to get what they want – and asking for complete sincerity – to see that some are not averse to harming others to move up in life. And these “others” can be anyone who stands in your way, from an enemy to a childhood friend, a dear family member, or even the love of your life.

Some do not spare their traps, not even those who supposedly mean well. All care with them is little.

Check out the list of signs that go over everyone to get what they want. Cunning to the extreme, everyone around them is subject to their wiles.


Some say that Gemini is the most cunning sign of the zodiac, capable of always going beyond what is expected so that others fall into their nets of lies. Even the most laypeople in astrology must have heard someone refer to Gemini as “two-faced” and “false”, and although some representatives of this sign try to fight against these nomenclatures, they do carry their edge of truth.

Due to its charm and charisma, Gemini attracts a lot of people, that is, it has a captive audience for its stories. There are no limits to this sign’s ability when it comes to guaranteeing what they want, and that involves deceiving anyone, even those they say they care about, and there are not a few!

With Gemini, it’s better to follow the adage: be wary of anyone who’s friends with everyone, because these are the people who aren’t friends with anyone.


There is a sign that if caught in their tracks will not have the courage to admit their actions. The light and cheerful way of Sagittarius is what makes this sign get away with the consequences of their actions, as most forgive them even realizing they were deceived. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a person who didn’t know what he was doing, the truth is that Sagittarius is fully aware that their actions can harm others, but they keep doing it, because what they want always comes first. place.

They know they won’t be penalized, as everyone will remember them only for the good times, so Sagittarius embodies this character who didn’t know he could harm someone with his actions.

If your goal is on the other side, Sagittarius will do anything to get there, even if it means going over the ones you love.


A sign that constantly detaches from reality to see the world in its way. Some might doubt that Pisces dreamers would be capable of trickery, but yes, they are.

In their relationships, Pisces can turn into a manipulative person, who even when he is wrong transfers his responsibility to the other.

Guided by the unique rhythm of their heart, some Pisces may even feel that their cunning ways are justified, seeing their action as something that needs to be done to follow their pre-arranged path. And the injured person? You can use this situation as a lesson, learning that Pisces has provided you, and in an unscrupulous way.

Beware, Pisces is there to show that the most docile people can be the most dangerous.

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